International Faculty

's faculty consists of highly qualified, award winning, scholarly and experienced men and women who are leaders in their respective fields. Our faculty members come from across the world, sharing their perspective, wealth of knowledge, experience, qualification and expertise with students and working adults. Faculty members at are challenged to develop industry responsive courses to ensure students bring out the best in them and excel in their careers.

More than 80 percent of our faculty members hold the advanced and highest degrees in their respective fields. Each faculty member is committed to instill positive learning experience and in depth understanding of the course in students. Our international faculty members bring together diverse perspectives, ideas and knowledge to ensure they impart education to develop an all-rounded professional who is ready to take whatever challenges that comes on their ways. Our faculty helps young minds and working adults acquire essential skills and knowledge to help them start or advance their careers.

Meet Our Faculty

  • Professor
    School of Natural Sciences Amy Judith
  • Assistant Professor
    School of Busines and Management Markel Andrew
  • Professor
    School of Applied Arts Ortwin Carbery
  • Professor
    School of Busines and Management Hagen Francis
  • Professor
    School of Engineering Rosendo Martin

Become a Part of as a Faculty

As a faculty member at , you will become a part of extremely competent and experienced team of professors from across the world. Faculty members at are committed to deliver the best online education with the use of advanced online learning system. As a faculty member, you will be required to design industry responsive curriculum with detailed theoretical and practical framework. Key benefits of becoming a part of faculty include: