Student & Alumni Service

Students and alumni are highly valued by . Our student & alumni services are designed help you develop, grow, progress and succeed. At student & alumni center, we provide you support, guidance and services to ensure you achieve academic and professional excellence. We offer all kind of support, whether credit transfer, financial support, CV writing or job placement. All these services are delivered by our highly expert career counselors. With the use of technology and online platform, our career counselors are available 24/7 to help you answer your questions, queries and concerns.

Our team of dedicated professionals work together to ensure students and alumni receive the best career services. We make sure our students are fully prepared to enter the job market. For this we offer various services including Cover letter, CV writing and job placement. At , our team has created a network of partner employees at regional and international level. students and alumni can avail these services during and after the completion of their online program, thus maintaining a lifelong relationship with the university.

Career Service

offers following career services for students and alumni:

Career Counseling

career service center provides you with an opportunity to pave your success pathways. Our expert career counselors can help students choose online programs, online schools and major courses. Career counselors also provide help to start your career in a specific field. Students and alumni can connect with career counselors anytime and anywhere.

Cover letter and CV writing Services

Our expert team provides the best cover letter and CV writing services for students and alumni. A good CV and cover letter helps you in creating an impact on employers. CV is the gateway to your first job interview call. Our experts draft your CV and cover letter by gathering the requirements in a rough draft which include academic credentials, skills, experience and information. Once the draft is approved by student or alumni, final CV or cover letter is written at minimal cost.

Job Placement Opportunities

's student and alumni centre is designed to help students explore and get employment opportunities. Our highly successful team has partnered with leading employers across the globe to make sure students and alumni remained connected with the new job openings at regional and international levels. 's job placement service has helped a record number of students in getting jobs.